"Muhammad Ali -- the Photographs of Sonia Katchian" is a framed, ready-to-hang traveling exhibition available to galleries, museums, colleges and universities, in the US and overseas.

Wall Space Required
Total number of pieces: 42
The show is 142 running feet.
Expanded or abridged versions of the show are available. Please inquire for details.
Double-row hanging is an alternative for venues that have space limitations.

All pieces are wall-ready, with hanging hardware. Wall labels, ready to apply. Additional caption material is provided on CD for exhibition sponsor to adapt and print out.

The show consists of 14 images from The ALI Folio™ plus 27 other photos of Muhammad Ali, many of which have never been shown before. The Folio box itself is available for venues that can provide a display case or full-time staff who can be present.

All the photographs were taken by documentary and fine-art photographer Sonia Katchian in locations around the world. Some were shot on assignments for Sports Illustrated, Time, and Sport magazines, others were made in her own free time. The images have been carefully chosen from Sonia’s archive of thousands of Ali photos.

The 14 Folio images are matted and framed uniformly in black wood to 30” X 36"

One of the Folio images is printed on 44” X 96” fabric and hangs from wooden dowels, as seen here at the opening of the show in Durham, NC (Sonia, far right.)

The 20 additional photos are matted and in clip frames sized 18” X 24” as seen here at the TCC Photo Gallery in Longview, TX

7 smaller photos are matted and in clip frames sized 11” X 14”

Exhibition Title and Support Material
Photographer will supply text for labels, a gallery guide with captions and bio, a sample press release, and templates for invitation postcards, posters and banners on CD.

Educational Component
The educational value of this exhibition cannot be overemphasized. Visitors to the exhibition in cities and on campuses have been very young, very old and ages in between. The young come to learn about a legend; older folks come to reminisce. They've been people of all ethnicities, and African-Americans are most effusive with excitement when viewing this work. Sonia is available to give a lecture with slideshow on request. February bookings are understandably very popular for its tie-in with Black History month. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Length of Booking
Six weeks
(Longer/shorter loan periods can be accommodated.)

Loan fee is $4750 for a six-week period.
No loan fee to commercial galleries, though shipping fees may apply.

Exhibitor must ensure that “wall-to-wall” fine-art coverage is in effect during loan period.

Crating and Shipping
Photographer provides padded crate with wheels and forklift capable for freight shipment. Exhibition sponsor is responsible for round-trip shipping costs.

A signed contract is required and will be provided by Photographer.